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Yale/Stanford Global Health Scholars Program

Thank you for your interest in the Yale/Stanford Global Health Scholars Program for medical residents in their last years of post-graduate trainees. The scheduled rotations for the 2020-21 were cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but we are continuing to plan for the current academic year's rotations, which will start in January 2022. Our schedule includes rotations in South Africa, Uganda and Rwanda.

We are so grateful to the Johnson & Johnson Charitable Foundation for the past twenty years of sponsorship. We are honored that the J&J program's reputation and the on-site support and supervision given to J&J Scholars generated this level of interest and commitment to our goals of developing human infrastructure at our partner sites. Yale and Stanford are now directly supporting the rotations of its Internal Medicine residents, recognizing how valuable these rotations are to trainees.

Global Health Publications by J&J Global Health Scholars

Click here for a list of J&J Scholars' publications on their GH experiences.