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Clerkship Expectations

This section will outline your role on the medical team, basic daily routine, specific expectations for Medicine 1 and Medicine 2 and for the clerkship in general. These are meant to be general guides and you should expect to get more team-specific expectations once you meet with your attending and resident.

Each student is assigned to a resident who will make patient assignments, read write-ups, and be available to the student for guidance and advice. You will probably learn more from the resident than any other single individual and should make it a point to look to him/her as your immediate advisor. In addition, you may call upon the interns, residents or fellows in medical specialties, chief resident and faculty members for advice. Don't hesitate to ask questions! Please consult with the chief resident or clerkship coordinator about any problems that cannot be resolved in conference with your resident.

You will be accepted as part of the ward team during this clerkship, and are expected to participate actively in work rounds, attending rounds, and conferences regarding your patients. This rough schedule applies at rotations at YNHH. You will be given an orientation and schedule to follow.
You should be assigned to a patient at the beginning of the clerkship. Following this you will be responsible for working up at least two or three new patients a week. As a general guideline, you should be able to work-up one patient per call day in Med Block 1 (7-8 total) and two patients per call day in Med Block 2 (14-15 total).
Remember that the learning involved with direct patient care is the most important component of your Medicine clerkship. However, all parts of the general teaching program and the student oriented sessions are also important for your Medicine experience. In some instances, other team activities and work hour limitations may conflict with these essential parts of your program.
Requirements per block, requirements by end of eight-week rotation and Aquifer cases.
While you will only receive one grade for the eight-week Medicine Clerkship, you should be receiving summative and formative feedback during each of the two four-week blocks.
At the core of Yale’s system of education is the belief that our students are mature and highly motivated to learn. We believe they will take responsibility for learning what they need to know. As a result, attendance in basic science courses is not taken during the preclinical years.