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Medical Approach to the Patient (MAP) - Internal Medicine Component Clerkship

Welcome to Internal Medicine! This clerkship will form a foundation for much of your professional life regardless of your eventual specialty. You will spend eight of the 12-week MAP clerkship on Internal Medicine, which will be challenging, exciting and instructive. As internists and subspecialists caring for patients, we depend on broad understanding of basic and clinical science, critical thinking and problem-solving, and exceptional professionalism and interpersonal skill in working with the health care team.

Our primary goal is to help you become competent and eventually excel at the assessment and management of common and important problems in internal medicine. During your clerkship, we encourage you to learn systematically about internal medicine and in depth about each patient. Take responsibility for your patients - you will learn internal medicine best through active patient care.

You will find that in return for your hard work and best efforts, we expect your educational experience to be top-notch, and we demand that our faculty, residents, and staff are supportive and helpful to you. If they aren't, the clerkship director and department chair want to know! Again, welcome to Internal Medicine - we look forward to working with you.

These three categories of broad goals for the clerkship are not meant to be limiting you to other goals that you may want to focus on but are intended to clearly outline what we expect for you to achieve by the end of the eight-week Internal Medicine Clerkship.
This section will outline your role on the medical team, basic daily routine, specific expectations for Medicine 1 and Medicine 2 and for the clerkship in general. These are meant to be general guides and you should expect to get more team-specific expectations once you meet with your attending and resident.
Every clerkship site is different, but various sites have given feedback that an outline of minimum expectations for students and their teachers (including residents) would be helpful. We hope that this will serve as a quick reference to these expectations.


Internal Medicine Component Clerkship Calendar

Mar 202330Thursday
Apr 202312Wednesday
Apr 202320Thursday