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  • The Integrated Clerkship for Primary Care and Psychiatry (ICPCP) is a designed to help medical students develop core competencies for both specialties as required for residency training.

  • At every primary care site there is a "site coordinator" who is overseeing your clinical activity to assure you have the opportunity to achieve the goals of the clerkship. At solo practices, the site coordinator is the preceptor. At group practices, health maintenance organizations, and hospital clinics the coordinator may be a physician other than your preceptor.

  • Welcome to the psychiatry clerkship. The following constitutes general guidelines of what is expected of you, and what you should expect from us during your psychiatry clerkship rotation. Although minor variations may exist on different teams and different sites, the basic format will apply to all.

  • This information will prepare you for your interview and write-up tutorials in Psychiatry.