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Xiao Lin

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Xiao Lin


Xiao Lin is the founder of WECAN, a social enterprise that aims to improve well-being in China. She is also a health marketing specialist with solid experience in the industry. She started her career at Procter & Gamble, where she learned the fundamentals of marketing. Later, she joined Chunyu, one of the top mobile health startups in China, as a business unit leader. There, she successfully created a new business model for public education live streaming, featuring renowned surgeons who explained medical terms in plain language with public insights. As a trained psychologist, Ms. Lin has been promoting well-being in China since 2017. She has served more than 30,000 consumers and received 24 million views. She knows how to bridge the gap between public needs and scientific research. She plans to use her marketing insights and project management skills to promote public well-being in global health. Ms. Lin received her bachelor's degree in psychology from Beijing Normal University (2002-2006) and master’s degree in marketing from Peking University (2006-2009).

Site: Peru

Project Title: Development and Implementation of a Health Beliefs Model-Based Intervention to Promote Osteoporosis-Related Knowledge, Self-Efficacy and Health Beliefs among Andean Women in Peru