Yung-Chi Cheng, PhD

Henry Bronson Professor of Pharmacology; Chairman, Consortium for the Globalization of Chinese Medicine (CGCM)

Research Interests

China; Drugs, Chinese Herbal; Hong Kong; Medicine, Chinese Traditional; Neoplasms by Histologic Type; Pharmacology

Research Organizations

Liver Center

Virology Laboratories

Yale Cancer Center: Developmental Therapeutics

Yale Stem Cell Center

Office of Cooperative Research

Research Summary

Our laboratory focuses on cancer and viral chemotherapy. We are studying the functional roles and properties of virus-specific proteins in order to design selective antiviral compounds. Some anti-HIV drugs have selective action against mitochondrial DNA synthesis that could lead to toxicity. This observation offered the opportunity to develop new antiviral drugs without such side effects and to examine the role of mitochondrial DNA synthesis in nuclear DNA synthesis. A new class of biological active nucleoside analogs, L(-)nucleosides were discovered. Drug resistance is a critical issue in cancer chemotherapy.

Our laboratory is interested in exploring the mechanisms of drug resistance development, with a special emphasis on the process involved in DNA topoisomerase, targeting drugs and nucleoside analogs. The gene regulator and the inhibitors may not only have use as cancer chemotherapeutic agents, but also in controlling the development of drug resistance. Several novel compounds targeting on NF-KB were discovered by my laboratory and are currently being studied. To exploreChinese medicine for current clinical usage is also pursued.

Specialized Terms; Cancer; Viral chemotherapy; Chinese herbs; Chinese medicine

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