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Yale Graduate Scholars Program


Fall 2023: The CAPES-Yale Graduate Scholars Program is on hold for the upcoming 2024-25 academic year. Students from Brazil should apply to the BBS Program via the regular admissions route.

Yale University and the BBS Program have partnered with Brazil and the Brazilian Federal Agency for Support and Evaluation of Graduate Education (CAPES) to create the CAPES-Yale Graduate Scholars Program. This program is intended to train the most promising Brazilian students and prepares you to become international leaders in academia and industry. Your training will be jointly funded by CAPES and Yale, and you are eligible to join any BBS Track. You will participate in all regular BBS academic activities and additionally participate in specialized professional development programs exclusively for CAPES-Yale Scholars. Yale has helped to train Brazilian leaders for almost 200 years and looks forward to training a new generation of scientists and scholars.

Eligibility & Nomination Process

You are eligible to apply if you are a Brazilian student who will have a bachelor’s degree or a master’s degree prior to matriculating at Yale. The application process requires three steps:

1. You must first apply to the CAPES portal to express interest in the CAPES-Yale Program. CAPES releases a Call for Applications approximately in August each year, and the application deadline is anticipated to be December 15. Please visit the CAPES website for more information.

2. A committee of Brazilian scientists review the applications and in turn nominates a subset of students for consideration by Yale.

3. If you are nominated, you will then apply to the BBS Program.

Admissions Process

Once nominated by CAPES, please submit a regular Yale Graduate School application to BBS via the processes described elsewhere on this website. Please apply to the BBS Track which best matches your scientific interests. Although the BBS application deadline is December 1, the application will remain available to CAPES nominees until a later date that we will share with you. BBS faculty will either travel to Brazil in February to interview you in person or conduct remote interviews if travel is not possible. Final admissions decisions will be sent to you from the Dean of the Yale Graduate School.


If you accept an offer of admission to Yale you will be instructed by CAPES to provide information to accept a scholarship from CAPES. You will then receive your BBS stipend directly from CAPES during your first three years of study at Yale. During this period, CAPES will provide Yale with funds to cover the cost of your student health insurance; and Yale will pay the cost of your tuition. Yale will provide your stipend and pay your health insurance and tuition fees in years four and beyond.