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YBDIC Branches


Our goal is to expose and prepare URM students to careers in both academic and non-academic sectors. We expose students to different career paths by holding professional panels with former BBS Alumni, faculty members, and professionals in wide ranging areas that also center the human side of being in STEM. We will also hold career development workshops in collaboration with the Yale Office of Career Strategy (OCS). Our long-term goal is to create an active mentoring program with non-URM and URM faculty mentors to guide our students through their training at Yale.

Chair of Advancement: Jennifer Loza
YBDIC Advancement Fellows: Matheo Morales and Monique Pedroza


The primary goal of this division is to build community among URM students. We also strive to welcome members of the LGBTQ community, non-traditional students, and students that identify as low-income. Although all students are welcome to attend any of the YBDIC events, we especially want to create an environment that addresses and celebrates students from diverse backgrounds. There are two main objectives we intend to achieve under this division.

Chair of Empowerment: Yanitza Rodriguez
YBDIC Empowerment Fellows: Reina Desrouleaux and Ray Vaca


Our goal is to create a personalized recruitment process where prospective students coming from all underrepresented backgrounds feel supported through insightful interactions with current BBS students. After developing and implementing student-centric recruitment strategies, we partner with the administrative arm of each BBS track (i.e. DGS, registrar) and current BBS faculty. Together, we establish opportunities throughout the recruitment season for interviewees to meet each other and discuss issues surrounding personal and professional development with current BBS students in a safe virtual space.

Chair of Engagement: Yanixa Quiñones-Avilés
YBDIC Engagement Fellows: Paola Negrón-Moreno and Rebecca Colón-Ríos


We aim to engage, empower, and advance underrepresented, disadvantaged, and marginalized community college, undergraduate, and post-baccalaureate students by providing access to science education and communication opportunities and resources at Yale, and within its networks, with the goal of increasing biological and biomedical science career readiness.

Chair of Outreach: Ngozi Akingbesote
YBDIC Outreach Fellows: Calvin Fan and Rana Gbyli