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Plant Molecular Biology

The Plant Molecular Biology (PMB) Track offers a unique interdisciplinary opportunity for graduate students with specialized interests in the plant sciences to engage in research and scholarship in the context of a broad education in all modern areas of biology. PMB students undertake an individually tailored program of study, combining coursework and training in plant biology with exposure to genomic, quantitative, biochemical, genetic, cell biological and other approaches. Our aim is to develop the future leaders in plant biology. By engaging in a robust interdisciplinary training program, we expect our graduate students to be well positioned to develop solutions to address critical agricultural, industrial, energy, and medical needs in response to a changing climate.

Graduate students in the Plant Molecular Biology Track have access to outstanding facilities and resources, including the Marsh Botanical Garden, extensive greenhouse and controlled growth chamber spaces, and the Peabody Museum of Natural History. Core facilities, including the Center for Cell Imaging and the Center for Genomics and Proteomics, provide instruction and technical support for interested students.

The Plant Molecular Biology (PMB) Track is a great place for graduate students who have combined interests in both molecular, cellular, developmental biology, and plant biology. When talking about our Track, the first thing I can think of is our great community. The highly accomplished faculties are very supportive, fostering an environment that allows you to explore your own research interests and answer critical questions in the field. We also have a strong culture of collaboration among labs in PMB, which allows you to share and discuss ideas easily. Moreover, the design of the course curriculum is flexible which allows you to focus on learning your area of interest. In the first year, we will take a required course called “Advanced Plant Molecular Biology”, which introduces you to the up-to-date mechanisms and techniques in the plant biology field. Other than that, we have high flexibility in choosing courses from specific areas of interest. With the great community and course curriculum, I learned a lot in my first year, and I cannot wait to see what I will accomplish after my training at Yale!

Wenyi Ran