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Predoctoral Program in Cellular, Molecular and Quantitative Biology

Pan-expansion microscopy of human cell.

Image credit: Kimberly Morgan

This NIH funded Cellular, Molecular and Quantitative Biology Training Program (CMQBTP) is designed to provide training for graduate students interested in learning cell biological, molecular, genetic, biophysical, and biochemical principles from a rigorous and quantitative perspective. Practically, the program bridges the BQBS and MCGD graduate tracks and provides a second home for students primarily in the MBB and Cell Biology departments. The program provides training, mentorship, and professional development opportunities for students within a supportive environment that cultivates inclusivity, excellence, and leadership.

Why apply to the program?
Students are provided one-on-one mentorship with CMQBTP leadership and trainers in addition to peer-to-peer mentorship. We provide training, leadership, and sponsorship opportunities to attend meetings and participate in extramural training. We support you through every step of your graduate career and beyond.

Our Mission

The mission of the CMQBTP is to develop rigorously trained early-career scientists prepared to operate ethically as future leaders in biological and biomedical research-related careers. The CMQBTP will provide the highest-quality modern graduate training experience, equipping trainees with knowledge, technical, operational, and professional skills that transfer with ease into a vast array of opportunities in the complex interdisciplinary global biomedical workforce.

Our Commitment to Diversity

CMQBTP leaders and faculty believe that a diverse scientific workforce is critical to securing the future of preeminent scientific discovery in the United States. The CMQBTP has at its foundation a training and research environment that fosters a safe, diverse, equitable and inclusive learning culture. We actively recruit students from backgrounds underrepresented in science and work hard to ensure that all students feel supported and that they have a home in the CMQBTP.


Executive Committee

Activities and Resources


We have designed a curriculum that teaches the basics of cellular and molecular biology from a rigorous quantitative perspective. Students that join our program should complete the following.

Year 1 CBIO 602: Molecular Cell Biology
MBB 630: Methods and Logic in Molecular Biology
Year 2 CBIO 801: A Practical Guide for Grant Writing
Year 3 Statistical Inference and Models in Molecular and Cellular Biology
Year 4 Inclusive mentoring training
Years 2-5 BBS 550b “Skill Development for Diverse Scientific Careers”

Research in Progress

The CMQBTP Research-in-Progress series provides a valuable and unique opportunity for students with diverse interests in cellular mechanisms to come together and become familiar with a variety of research projects. It also provides a valuable opportunity for students to develop their oral scientific communication skills.

Annual Retreat

CMQBTP students help organize and host a Retreat Symposium. This is a leadership opportunity where students can demonstrate and build organizational and management skills. Students will also play a role in choosing and ultimately hosting an outside speaker.

Beyond the Bench Series

Cell Biology hosts a monthly “Beyond the Bench” series that features seminars, workshops, and panel discussions focused on skill-building and mentoring concerning the many aspects of academic and non-academic science-related careers. Speakers and panelists will be drawn from our department, the Yale community, and, when possible, also from outside of Yale.

Funding and Sponsorship Opportunities

Funding for meetings

For students appointed to the training grant, we will provide $300/year of appointment to defray costs to attend a meeting of their choice.

Funding for childcare

For students that are appointed to the training grant and who have eligible child care expenses, the CMQBTP will provide up to $2500/year.

The Art of Science Communication Course (ASBMB)

The CMQBTP will sponsor the course registration fee for this short course for interested trainees to gain additional experience in scientific communication.

Transition to a Biotech Career

The CMQBTP will sponsor trainees to attend this course run by the American Society for Cell Biology

Virtual Career Advice Bookshelf in the Yale Medical Library

The CMQBTP has bought a collection of career advice books for the Yale Medical Library. These materials are catalogued as a "virtual" collection, and may be helpful to our trainees as informational content and as “paper mentors”. The titles in this collection can be pulled up by searching Orbis, the library catalog, for the phrase "Biomedical Sciences Careers Collection"