Denis Sukhodolsky PhD

Assistant Professor in the Child Study Center

Biographical Info

Denis G. Sukhodolsky, Ph.D. is Assistant Professor at the Yale Child Study Center. His research concerns the efficacy and mechanisms of behavioral treatments for children with Tourette syndrome, autism, anxiety, and disruptive behavior disorders. He arrived at Yale in 2000 for a postdoctoral research fellowship in childhood neuropsychiatric disorders directed by Dr. James Leckman. Subsequently, he joined the Yale Faculty in 2003 and continued working in a clinical trials research program directed by Dr. Larry Scahill. Funded with an award from the Tourette Syndrome Association, he served as a principal investigator on the first randomized study of cognitive behavior therapy for adolescents with Tourette syndrome complicated by disruptive behavior. In 2008, Dr. Sukhodolsky received a K01 career development award from the NIMH with a focus on neurobiological mechanisms of behavior therapy. He is currently conducting a study where EEG is collected before, during and after treatment in order to understand how behavior therapy produces tic reduction in children with Tourette syndrome. Dr. Sukhodolsky has also served as a co-investigator in the RUPP Autism Network study of risperidone with or without parent management training in children with autism and aggression. As part of this effort, he participated in the development of the behavioral therapy manual for this multi-site trial and conducted treatment with the study participants at Yale. Dr. Sukhodolsky has authored and co-authored over 60 papers and book chapters. In addition to his research, Dr. Sukhodolsky is a licensed clinical psychologist working with children and their families at the Yale TS/OCD and Anxiety Clinic.

Education & Training

Hofstra University (1997)
Postdoctoral fellow
Yale University, Child Study Center  (2000 - 2003)

Honors & Recognition

  • Obsessive Compulsive Foundation Research Award
    Obsessive Compulsive Foundation (07/2004)
  • Frank Andrews Memorial Award
    University of Michigan (06/2003)
  • Tourette Syndrome Association Research Award
    Tourette Syndrome Association (06/2001)
  • Robert Vane Memorial Scholarship
    Hofstra University (09/2002)
  • K01 career development award
    National Institute of Mental Health (2008)

Professional Service

  • member, Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies (2004)

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