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Yale Interdisciplinary Stress Seminar Series

The goal of this monthly series is to bring together members of the Yale community doing outstanding research related to stress, trauma and health across molecular to public health levels of analysis, and with prevention and treatment development and testing. Speakers at all levels of training are invited to share their recent findings and perspectives on stress-related research questions. We are committed to amplifying individuals from groups that are historically underrepresented in academic science. We aim to build a network of stress researchers that fosters interdepartmental and interdisciplinary collaboration. Through the creation of this network, our long-term goal is to drive research and discovery that can reduce the toxic effects of stress and trauma and improve health and chronic disease outcomes.

Please contact Drs. Elizabeth Goldfarb ( or Rajita Sinha ( to join the YSC community and listserv.

Spring 2023 Calendar

Date Speaker Information Title
February 16, 2023 Ralph DiLeone, PhD , Professor of Psychiatry and of Neuroscience Mechanisms of motivation for physical activity
March 16, 2023 Ifat Levy, PhD Associate Professor and Vice Chair for Diversity, Inclusion and Equity, Department of Comparative Medicine Individual differences in decision-making under uncertainty
April 20, 2023 Al Kaye, MD, PhD Assistant Professor, Department of Psychiatry Neuromodulatory circuit mechanisms in threat prediction and MDMA
May 11, 2023 Arielle Baskin-Sommers, PhD Associate Professor of Psychology and of Psychiatry The violence we see: Understanding how exposure to community violence disrupts learning and implications for violent behavior
June 16, 2023 Monica Ordway, PhD, APRN, PNP-BC Associate Professor, Yale School of Nursing Sleep Health: An understudied buffer to toxic stress in early childhood

Fall 2022 Calendar

Date Speaker Information Title
August 25, 2022 Gita Pathak, PhD ,Postdoctoral Fellow Department of Psychiatry Polygenic score of posttraumatic stress disorder highlights association with cardiovascular and respiratory traits in electronic health records
September 22, 2022 Brynn Sherman, PhD , Graduate Student, Department of Psychology Acute stress modulates hippocampal learning subsystems
October 20, 2022

Or Duek, PhD and Nachshon Korem,PhD Postdoctoral Associates, Department of Psychiatry

Fear conditioning: Pushing the envelope
November 17, 2022 Tony Koleske, PhD , Ensign Professor of Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry and of Neuroscience; Deputy Dean for Research (Basic Science) Department of Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry Using genetic variants to understand TRIO function in neurodevelopmental disorders
December 15, 2022 Philip Corlett, PhD , Associate Professor Department of Psychiatry Paranoia and distress during the COVID pandemic

Spring 2022 Calendar

Date Speaker Information Title
January 3, 2022 Carla Stover, PhD , Associate Professor Child Study Center “Understanding early life adversity and the trajectory to parental use of family violence to develop interventions”
February 3, 2022 Matthew Burg, PhD , Professor, Department of Internal Medicine Section of Cardiovascular Medicine “Stress, Depression, and Chronic Disease: What Then Must We Do?”
March 3, 2022

Hilary Blumberg, PhD , John and Hope Furth Professor of Psychiatric Neuroscience Department of Psychiatry Lejla Colic, PhD , Department of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy Jena University Hospital

“Childhood maltreatment: risk factor for developing bipolar disorder and gender differences in brain and clinical features”
April 7, 2022 Dustin Scheinost, PhD , Associate Professor Department of Radiology and Biomedical Imaging “Prenatal stress and the developing brain”
May 5, 2022 Uri Berger, PhD , Postdoctoral Associate Child Study Center “Failure to Launch guidance: Parent training for dependent, yet abled, young adults”
May 26, 2022 Joan Monin, PhD , Assistant Professor of Public Health (Social and Behavioral Sciences) Yale School of Public Health “Interpersonal emotion regulation in late life relationships”

Fall 2021 Calendar

Date Speaker Information Title
September 9, 2021 Kim Smolderen PhD, MSc , Associate Professor of Internal Medicine Department of Internal Medicine Depression and Stress in Peripheral Artery Disease: Two Sides of the Same Coin?
October 7, 2021 Sarah Lowe PhD , Assistant Professor of Public Health (Social & Behavioral Sciences) Yale School of Public Health Risk and resilience in context: Socio-ecological and temporal factors shaping mental health after trauma
November 4, 2021 Shannon Whirledge, PhD, MSc , Assistant Professor of Obstetrics, Gynecology, and Reproductive Sciences Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology, and Reproductive Sciences Stress Signaling at the Maternal-Fetal Interface: Friend or Foe?
Rescheduled Ilan Harpaz-Rotem, PhD, ABPP , Associate Professor of Psychiatry Department of Psychiatry TBA

Spring 2021 Calendar

Date Speaker Information Title
January 21, 2021 Shivani Bhatt, MS , Interdepartmental Neuroscience Program (INP), Yale University.,
Interdepartmental Neuroscience Program
Imaging the neural immune and stress systems in post-traumatic stress disorder
February 18, 2021 Jutta Joorman, PhD , Professor of Psychology, Yale University, Department of Psychology Stress, cognition, and emotion regulation in depression
March 18, 2021 Elizabeth Goldfarb, PhD , Assistant Professor in Psychiatry and Psychology, Yale University, Department of Psychiatry Stress and multiple memory systems: Dynamic interactions and implications for psychopathology
April 15, 2021 Anahita Bassir Nia, MD , Assistant Professor of Psychiatry, Department of Psychiatry Endocannabinoid system in relation to opioid use, stress and trauma
May 13, 2021 Dylan Gee, PhD , Assistant Professor of Psychology and Psychiatry, Department of Psychology Leveraging the science of early life stress to promote mental health
June 10, 2021 Amy Arnsten, PhD , Kent Professor of Neuroscience and Psychology, Department of Neuroscience The neurobiology of stress-induced prefrontal cortical dysfunction