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We are recruiting individuals facing any stress symptoms, like sleep problems, aches and pains, anxiety, depression, difficulties with memory and attention, and food cravings to understand how stress promotes these symptoms and the best ways to reverse the pattern and improve health and function.

We are currently recruiting healthy individuals and parents of young children experiencing stress. We are also looking for social drinkers and individuals seeking to cut back on excessive alcohol use, nicotine, pain pills, or use of cocaine and other drugs. Studies range from assessment appointments, where you would complete several paper and pencil questionnaires, interviews, individualized treatment, to brain scans and laboratory studies.

Novel approaches to reduce stress and improve function and health are being developed and tested. We are recruiting individuals interested in reducing the effects of stress on unhealthy lifestyle choices and behaviors.

Research Contact

Contact us to learn more at 1-888-Y-STRESS (1-888-978-7377)


Please fill out this form for a member of the research team to contact you about participating in studies.