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Postdoctoral and Practica

Undergraduate and graduate students at Yale and other universities have the opportunity to rotate through the Yale Stress Center to conduct interdisciplinary and translational research and gain practical clinical training.

Post-doctoral opportunities at the Yale Stress Center are currently available. Postdocs have the opportunity to build expertise and develop their careers in the current research topic areas listed. All candidates work on specific research projects and also have the opportunity to develop an independent research project related to the themes of stress, addictions, health outcomes and behaviors, including testing hypotheses, analyzing data, and developing manuscripts.

Training in the clinical neuroscience of stress, emotions, reward and reinforcement learning, cognitive and emotion regulation and manipulating these processes through specific behavioral and pharmacological strategies is available. In addition, research examining stress mechanisms that mediate social, behavioral and clinical outcomes in stress, anxiety, mood and addictive disorders are being conducted. Finally, training in stress reduction and prevention as well as novel behavioral and therapeutic approaches to treating stress-related diseases is also available.

If you are interested in training opportunities, please send your CV and letter of interest to

Now Recruiting

The Yale School of Medicine’s Yale Interdisciplinary Stress Center is recruiting for one post-doctoral candidate for Spring/Summer 2020, for a Clinical Psychology PhD with specific experience in mindfulness interventions applied in behavioral medicine and healthy psychology areas. The post-doctoral training will focus on building clinical research experience and training in conducting behavioral interventions to address weight management, obesity, pain, addiction and anxiety and depression co-morbidity in these conditions.

The position is suitable for those aspiring to become an independent academic researcher as well as those interested in gaining greater clinical and research expertise in integrative therapies in clinical psychology. In addition, training and expertise in ecological momentary assessment and passive biomonitoring combined with mobile interventions will also be a focus. Significant opportunities to write manuscripts, data analysis and generate first author publications as well as in grant writing to build an independent academic and clinical career are available.

Competitive Postdoc Fellowships

We also recruit postdoctoral fellows through competitive fellowship opportunities including the Yale Neuroimaging Sciences Training Program (NISTP) and the Drug Abuse Clinical Research Training Program. Past fellows have trained and generated first-author publications as part of the Yale School of Medicine’s Yale Interdisciplinary Stress Center.