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  • This training is for investigators interested in using the guided script imagery induction method. This method has been used in various studies by Dr. Sinha and colleagues in exposing individuals to stress, appetitive cues, and neutral-relaxing cues. The method involves “re-living” a recent stressful and craving related personal event through guided imagery and recall. The imagery script development procedures are based on Lang’s theory of emotional imagery (Lang, 1979).

  • Undergraduate and graduate students at Yale and other universities have the opportunity to rotate through the Yale Stress Center to conduct interdisciplinary and translational research and gain practical clinical training.

  • We offer a full spectrum of training programs tailored to the needs of specific teams, groups and organizations to address stress and burnout in work, home and daily life. Empirically-based training is available through lectures, class series, workshops and retreats at a range of intensity levels. The focus of training is to expand awareness of the effects of stress on health, and to learn new skills to reduce burnout and stress reactivity, thereby promoting better health and optimized functioning. 

    Components may include:

    • State-of-the-art science of stress effects on the brain, cognition, mood and health.
    • Learning to identify the signs of stress in yourself, your team and organization.
    • Skills to increase moment-to-moment observing and awareness of stress signals.
    • Mindfulness-based strategies for regaining control over stress.
    • Breath, yoga and movement-based stress reduction

    How We Can Help

    Based on the latest science of stress and coping, our stress and wellness programs:

    • decrease burnout
    • rejuvenate energy
    • increase efficiency and productivity
    • grow leadership skills
    • enhance positive team building
    • improve social connectivity
    • build resilience
    • foster initiative and innovation
    • cultivate deep focus and calm

    Who We Can Help

    All the programs and packages are tailored to the needs of our clients. Our clients include individuals and teams, professional groups and societies, executive educational programs, healthcare, financial and other organizations, corporations, military, state and federal agencies.

    To inquire about our Stress Wellness programs, please send an email to