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Imagery Script Development

This training is for investigators interested in using the guided script imagery induction method. This method has been used in various studies by Dr. Sinha and colleagues in exposing individuals to stress, appetitive cues, and neutral-relaxing cues. The method involves “re-living” a recent stressful and craving related personal event through guided imagery and recall. The imagery script development procedures are based on Lang’s theory of emotional imagery (Lang, 1979).

Through the use of didactic instruction and role plays, this one-and-a-half-day training provides the participant with instruction on all steps of script development, including learning how to conduct the script development interview, how to write up the final script, guidance on the audio recording of scripts, and discussion on design issues related to the use of scripts in research studies.

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To purchase training materials such as the Imagery Script Development Procedures Manual (revised edition), sample imaging scripts, or audio and video training tapes, please send an email to