Eisenbarth Research Lab

Dr. Stephanie Eisenbarth is an Associate Professor of Laboratory Medicine, Immunobiology and Medicine (Immunology) as well as Assistant Director of the Clinical Pathology. Dr. Eisenbarth's research interests include Allergy and Immunology; Asthma; Blood Group Incompatibility; Food Hypersensitivity; and Immune System Diseases.


Krause Research Lab

Dr. Diane Krause is a Professor of Laboratory Medicine, Cell Biology and Pathology. She is the Associate Director of the Yale Stem Cell Center as well as the Transfusion Medicine Service. She is the Medical Director of the Clinical Cell Processing Laboratory and the Advanced Cell Therapy Laboratory.  Her research interests include bone marrow transplantation, cell biology, gene expression, hematology, leukemia, medical laboratory science, pathology and stem cells.