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Overview & Mission

Research activities are a high priority in the department to both advance basic understanding of nature and to advance clinical medicine. From basic biology of stem cells to human autoimmune diseases, the research efforts of the department span a wide field of topics. This provides breadth of expertise and a diverse group of faculty committed to a wide variety of disciplines:

  • Structural biology
  • Immunobiology
  • Cancer biology
  • Biology
  • Hematology
  • Molecular diagnostics

NMR studies and intravital microscopy with state-of-the art equipment are some of the capabilities within the department.

The faculty are interactive and collaborative. They meet quarterly for faculty science meetings, biyearly research retreats, weekly seminars and monthly faculty meeting. Many have formal links with the Cancer Center and with other departments such as Immunobiology, Pharmacology, Microbial Pathogenesis and Genetics.

Residents have a wide array of choices for working with faculty members within the department or alternately with faculty outside the department. With inter-disciplinary research potentially yielding great advances, our department is poised with the broad expertise to make significant advances in clinical medicine. We welcome you to join us in this endeavor.