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Clinical Virology Newsletter

Clinical Virology Newsletters focuses on the introduction of new test methods, test utilization, and result interpretation are distributed by email to interested persons.

Vol 30(2)
Standardization of C. difficile testing across YNHHS
Vol 30(1)
SARS-CoV-2 Tests Available at YNHH May 2021 Update
Vol 29(1)
SARS-CoV-2 RNA Amplification Tests Available at YNHH-Update
Vol 28(1)
Influenza and Other Respiratory Viruses: Test Recommendations 2019-20 Season
Vol 27(1)
Influenza and Other Respiratory Viruses: Test Recommendations 2018-19 Season
Vol 26 (2) Syphillis Testing Using a New Algorithim: An Update
Vol. 26 (1) Clostridium difficile Test Algorithm
Vol. 25 (1) New Syphilis Testing Algorithm
Vol. 24 (3) CMV Viral Load: Roche assay to replace lab-developed test
Vol. 24 (2) Herpes simplex and varicella zoster: Direct PCR to replace DFA for lesions
Vol. 24 (1) For Viral Pathogens in CSF and Stool: Order PCR, not Culture
Vol. 23 (1) Clostridium difficile Testing: Unified YNHH Algorithm
Vol. 22 (4) YNHH Respiratory Virus Testing Guidelines 2013-14
Vol.22 (3) New Diagnostic Algorithm for HIV: Farewell Western Blot
Vol.22 (2) Parechoviruses in Neonatal Sepsis and Meningoencephalitis

Vol. 22 (1)

YNHH York Street Campus Respiratory Virus Test Protocol 2012-13
Vol. 21 (1) Epstein Barr Virus (EBV) Viral Load: Use and Interpretation
Vol 20 (2) Respiratory Virus Test Protocol 2011-12: DFA vs. PCR
Vol 20 (1)

BK Virus Nephropathy, Genome Variability and the Pitfalls of PCR Surveillance

Vol 19 (3) Rhinoviruses: The most common cause of human illnesses
Vol 19 (2) Notification of Method Change for Epstein Barr Virus (EBV) Serology
Vol 19 (1) Influenza Virus Test Protocol at YNHH, 2010-2011 Season
Vol 18 (3) Novel H1N1 (Swine-origin) Influenza Virus Testing at YNHH, September 2009
Vol 18 (2) CMV Viral Load: PCR to Replace Antigenemia at YNHH, June 2009
Vol 18 (1) Characterization of Influenza A H1 and H3 Subtypes by RT-PCR, Feb. 2009
Vol 17 (3) For Respiratory Viruses: PCR to Replace Most Viral Cultures, Dec. 2008
Vol 17 (2) New Respiratory Virus Tests for HMPV, RSV and Rhinoviruses, March 2008
Vol 17 (1) Update on Clostridium difficile Two-step Test Algorithm, March 2008
Vol 16 (3) Clostridium difficile toxin: A Two-step Protocol for Faster, yet Sensitive, Results, Nov. 2007
Vol 16 (2) Update in Herpes Simplex Virus PCR, Sept. 2007
Vol 16 (1) HSV Type-Specific Antibody, IgG, Sept. 2007
Vol 15 (3) Virology Testing Update, July 2006
Vol 15 (2) Update in Adenovirus Diagnostic Options at YNHH, March 2006
Vol 15 (1) Diagnosis of Influenza at YNHH by DFA, Culture and Real-time PCR, Jan. 2006
Vol 14 (4) Quantitative BK Virus DNA PCR for Diagnosis in Compromised Hosts, June 2005
Vol 14 (3) Rapid Enterovirus RNA Detection by Real-time TaqMan RT-PCR, May 2005
Vol 14 (2) West Nile Virus IgM Capture and IgG ELISAs Available at YNHH, April 2005
Vol 14 (1) JC Virus DNA PCR for Diagnosis of PML, Jan. 2005
Vol 13 (2) Availability of Parvovirus B19 DNA PCR, Dec. 2004
Vol 13 (1) Human Metapneumovirus RT-PCR Test Now Available at YNHH, Dec. 2004