The Informatics section of the Department of Laboratory Medicine began as one of the first "Laboratory Instrumentation" sections in the country, originally designing some of the earliest automated clinical laboratory devices and even one of the original Laboratory Robots (named "Clancy" by the staff).

When the vast majority of academic medical centers were reporting results on paper, the section at YNHH developed one of the first home-grown informatics systems. Although that original system continues as the core of our current system, the need to move to new exciting informatics projects will result in our conversion of the main laboratory system to a commercial source in 2009.

Work in this area of our department ranges from placing our test catalogue onto the Palm OS and Windows PocketPC PDA systems for the convenience of our physician practices to sophisticated new approaches to Bioinformatics and Biostatistics in the Department's Yale Center of Excellence in Molecular Hematology (YCEMH). Ongoing projects also include a major effort at streamlining electronic access to clinical pathology consultations for physicians and other health care workers.