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Dr. Ellen Foxman is an Assistant Professor of Laboratory Medicine and Immunobiology and is part of Yale New Haven Hospital's Clinical Virology team. Her  research interests include Human and Translational Immunology as well as CPiRIT-Pulmonary Infection Research and Treatment. She also works on virus and other infection-associated cancers.
We are interested in the processes that generate heterogeneity in development and cancer. We investigate the structures of genes and networks to understand how they contribute to heterogeneity. By understanding how normal development and cancer are connected, we can build new diagnostic tools and unlock new treatments for precision oncology.
Dr. Diane Krause is a Professor of Laboratory Medicine, Cell Biology and Pathology. She is the Associate Director of the Yale Stem Cell Center as well as the Transfusion Medicine Service. She is the Medical Director of the Clinical Cell Processing Laboratory and the Advanced Cell Therapy Laboratory.  Her research interests include bone marrow transplantation, cell biology, gene expression, hematology, leukemia, medical laboratory science, pathology and stem cells.
The Lee lab is a human immunology research laboratory located in the Department of Laboratory Medicine at Yale School of Medicine. We are part of the Human and Translational Immunology (HTI) Program and the Yale Combined Program in the Biological and Biomedical Sciences (BBS).
Systems Biology and the Systems Molecular Basis of Disease
Dr. Craig Wilen is an Assistant Professor of Laboratory Medicine and Immunobiology. His interests include how viruses, particularly norovirus, interact with and invade the immune system.

Yale Clinical Neuroscience and Neuroanalytics