Visiting International Student Application

  1. Completed the AAMC Visiting Student Learning Opportunities (VSLO) application.

    Application Deadline - Your application should be submitted 4 - 6 months before the start of your chosen elective.

  2. Letter of support from the Dean of the medical school - must be upload by your home institution through VSLO.  The letter of support will need to include verification that student is in the final year of medical school and current class rank.   The dean's letter must be written on the medical school's stationary, with the original school seal, the dean's original signature and e-mail address. The dean's letter must include the applicants current class ranking, should class ranking not be available your home institution will need to provide a letter indicating rank is not given.  The letter must be in English or accompanied by an English translation.

  3. Copy of student’s current transcript - must be uploaded by your home institution through VSLO.  Must be written in English or accompanied by an English translation.

  4. Curriculum vitae (CV) - uploaded by applicant must list student’s education, completed clinical electives/sub-internships, publications, and other professional accomplishments.

  5. Letter of recommendation - uploaded, must be from a member of the faculty at student’s medical school who has observed student's clinical skills.  This letter, in English or with English translation, must be submitted with the faculty member's original signature on medical school's official stationary. 

  6. Yale University  Pre-entrance Health Forms  (3 pages) - uploaded by applicant, must be translated in English immunization record and documentation.  lf student PPD is positive, student must INCLUDE a copy of chest x-ray report in English or with English translation. The OIMSE requires documentation of a quantitative hepatitis B surface antibody titer. A non-quantitative result (i.e. "Positive") is not acceptable.

  7. Proof of health insurance - uploaded by application, must detail health insurance coverage for the duration of the clinical elective at Yale. This certificate should be obtained from student’s health insurance company.*

  8. Personal statement - uploaded by applicant, describing student’s career goals, how this experience will help student achieve them, and what student has accomplished thus far in pursuit of those goals.  Also included should be what cultural opportunities student will pursue during his/her stay.

  9. A record of student TOEFL scores is REQUIRED if student is a non-native English speaker - uploaded by applicant. 

* Proof of Health Insurance is not required at application, but must be submitted upon acceptance.

Visiting International Student Elective Program Applications

Please mail complete application to:

Office of International Medical Student Education

Edward S. Harkness Hall (D)

367 Cedar Street, Room 214

New Haven, CT 06510

Download the 2017-18 Application 

(final date of submission of AY 2017-2018 is February 2018)

We will not accept paper applications for elective rotations in AY 2018-2019  you will need to complete the VSLO application process. 

U.S. Visiting Students
Orientation welcome dinner

Visiting U.S. Medical students please review the U.S. visiting program eligibility.