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PhD/MBA Joint Degree Program

Joint Degree within BBS

The Yale Graduate School and School of Management (SOM) offer a joint MBA/Ph.D. program. Please click here for details about the MBA/PhD program. Below are joint degree admissions and training requirements specific to BBS students.


Students already registered in BBS may apply to SOM, but they must complete the application process no later than January of their first year of study at the Graduate School. Upon receiving an offer of admission to SOM, students will be required to submit a proposal of study outlining their academic plan and schedule for completing both the MBA and Ph.D. degrees. When drawing up the plan of study, students should consult first with their DGS, the Dean of Students at SOM, and the Associate Dean at the Graduate School. If necessary, these parties may meet together with the student. Admission to the joint degree program will be contingent upon approval of this proposal by the DGS and respective deans of the Graduate School and SOM. Excellent performance in graduate classes and laboratory rotations in the fall semester is also required.

The BBS program requires all students to select a thesis lab and departmental affiliation at the end of their first year of graduate study. Those students wishing to enroll in the joint degree program must alert their anticipated departmental DGS and thesis advisor of their plans prior to selecting a thesis laboratory and departmental affiliation.

Students who have not yet applied to Yale but who are interested in the joint degree program should apply simultaneously to BBS (through the Graduate School) and to SOM. Applications to SOM should be submitted for consideration during the first or second round of admissions (see the SOM website for deadlines). Admissions decisions for each school are made on an entirely separate basis by the respective admissions committees, and each school will notify the applicant of its decision. Only those admitted to both programs will be enrolled for the joint degree program. These students will also be required to submit a plan of study as described above.

Academic Schedule

Joint degree students must complete the core curriculum at SOM in the course of one academic year. During this year they are not registered at the Graduate School. BBS students will complete the core curriculum prior to beginning graduate study or immediately after completing their first year in the BBS program. After completing the year-long core curriculum at SOM, joint degree students are required to take four non-core courses at SOM. These course requirements may be completed in one of two ways: either a student will register for a full term at SOM, or the student will take one course per semester while remaining registered in the Graduate School and working toward the Ph.D. Students who choose to register for a full term at SOM normally do so only after completing all of the requirements for the Ph.D. Students who choose to complete the remaining SOM courses individually should not take more than one course per semester.


Overall, joint degree students are required to register in and pay tuition to SOM for a total of 3 semesters. While registered in SOM, students will not receive a BBS stipend, will not receive graduate student health coverage, and will be required to pay tuition to SOM. BBS students in years one through three of study at the Graduate School may not opt for the third semester of full-time study at SOM due to funding constraints related to training grants. If students choose to register full-time at SOM after their third year, they will pay the semester of tuition to SOM at that time. They would not be able to register simultaneously in the Graduate School during this semester and would thus not be eligible to receive a graduate stipend or graduate student health coverage.

It is not possible for students to pay SOM tuition on a per-course basis. Those who fulfill their elective course work at SOM over four semesters, therefore, will still be required to register at SOM for one full term so that tuition for all four courses may be paid. Normally, BBS students would choose their final term at Yale to register in SOM.