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Biochemistry, Quantitative Biology, Biophysics and Structural Biology

Photo by Folasade Kammen
Melanie Reschke

"BQBS has been a wonderful home for me in my first year at Yale. I am struck by how supportive the students are of each other. We have a strong bond as classmates that started with group study sessions and grew into dinners, ice cream breaks, and game nights. I love that I am surrounded by people with different backgrounds and ways of approaching problems, all brought together in the BQBS track. The faculty clearly foster this environment, and the coursework encourages conversations with a ton of faculty and exposure to different research areas. This network of faculty and students along with the foundation in biochemical and biophysical methods will be invaluable for the rest of my time at Yale."

The Biochemistry, Quantitative Biology, Biophysics and Structural Biology (BQBS) Track provides students with experimental, theoretical, and computational research training across a broad range of scales, from molecules to cells to whole organisms. Our approaches encompass a full range of modern disciplines including biochemistry and molecular biology, biophysics, chemistry, cell biology, genomics and proteomics, computational biology, and structural biology.

Recent revolutionary developments in modern biology have greatly advanced the diverse interests of our faculty. Technical advances in X-ray crystallography, cryo-electron microscopy (cryo-EM), live imaging, single molecule studies, next-generation sequencing, and mass spectrometry have led to a wealth of quantitative data for addressing long-standing biology questions. The integration of experimental data with computer modeling has stimulated productive collaborations among the disciplines of biology, chemistry, physics, and engineering. Our students will thus have a broad training in experimental and quantitative skills to perform in-depth mechanistic studies of diverse biological processes.

Students in this Track are expected to meet rigorous standards in their course work and research. Our mission is to impart the intellectual and practical skills needed to engage in biological research at the highest level. We believe this requires a combination of deep understanding of biology and chemistry and the application of quantitative methods and modeling. It is our goal to develop our students’ independence, creativity and rigor, while fostering their adventurousness. These are the attributes that will propel our trainees to be future leaders in their field.