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Comer Schools in Action: The 3-Volume Field Guide
Edited by Edward T. Joyner, James P. Comer, M.D., and Michael Ben-Avie and published by Corwin Press.

This 3-book collection offers a comprehensive field guide to developmentally appropriate education and school leadership as pioneered by Dr. James P. Comer and the Yale School Development Program (SDP).

Separate volumes cover school planning, leadership, and management; curriculum, instruction, assessment, and staff development; and child development along physical, cognitive, social, psychological, linguistic, and ethical pathways.

The 3-book Collection includes the following titles:

  • Six Pathways to Healthy Child Development and Academic Success
  • Transforming School Leadership and Management to Support Student Learning and Development
  • Dynamic Instructional Leadership to Support Student Learning and Development

All three volumes include diagrams, forms, checklists, reminder cards, sidebar features, and sample presentations for students, staff, and parents.

Highlights of the Comer Schools in Action Field Guide:

  • The primary resource for all Comer schools and for all schools and districts that want to use Comer principles to improve student learning and development;
  • An excellent training and administrative resource for urban schools and districts that must meet No Child Left Behind standards for "highly qualified" teachers;
  • A key resource for schools and districts considering school improvement and restructuring; and
  • Three texts that have been used in teacher education and educational administration courses on school change, school administration, urban education, developmentally appropriate education, curriculum development, and instructional leadership.

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Developmental Pathways Panels for the Classroom

Two 11″ × 17″ glossy color poster panels of the Developmental Pathways are available from the Comer School Development Program:

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The Comer School Development Program sells a 30 inches x 36 inches white vinyl banner with navy lettering and the SDP logo for $96 each. 

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