School-wide Tobacco Survey

Our Tobacco Research in Youth (TRY) group develops and conducts school-based research studies that are aimed at assessing tobacco use and smoking cessation in youth.

One current area of interest is the use of electronic cigarettes by adolescents. E-cigarettes are gaining rapid popularity in the US, especially among youth. Thus, kids are initiating use of e-cigarettes without knowledge of the possible consequences, such as becoming nicotine dependent and/or transitioning to tobacco cigarettes.

We have been conducting surveys throughout several Connecticut schools to assess perceptions of electronic cigarettes, rates of use, risk factors for initiation, and marketing effects of this product to gain a better understanding of the impact of e-cigarettes.

We are working on expanding our sample to schools with diverse District Reference Groups (DRGs). The survey is a 15-minute anonymous survey administered school-wide during an open period for all students, such as advisory or homeroom. Yale staff will come to the school and provide all of the materials and standard instructions to ease the process for the school staff. Schools are paid for their participation and students keep the pen as a token of appreciation.

This very important data will allow us to assist the FDA in creating guidelines regarding e-cigarettes and will have a substantial impact in adolescent health promotion.

TRY staff are more than happy to have a conversation with any administrator, teacher, parent, or student to discuss details and answer any questions.

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