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Project 1

Beyond Characterizing Flavors: Effects of Odorless Constituents (sensory additives, solvents, and synthetic nicotine) on Tobacco Product Use Behaviors from Adolescence to Adulthood

Project 1 will examine how odorless cooling additives, sweeteners, and sweet solvent/ humectants, as well as nicotine stereoisomers impact nicotine initiation, preference, reinforcement, and transitions in use from adolescence to adulthood.

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Project 2

Addictive Threshold of Nicotine and the Impact of Sweeteners

Project 2 will determine if thresholds for nicotine reinforcement, discrimination, and subjective rewarding effects differ among adults who smoke cigarettes and if these thresholds are altered by exposure to sweeteners.

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Project 3

Examining Appeal and Addiction Potential of Novel E-cigarette Constituents

Project 3 will determine how novel nicotine forms (synthetic nicotine) and novel flavor additives (synthetic coolants) impact e-cigarette appeal and addiction potential among adults who use e-cigarettes and combustible tobacco products.

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Project 4

Evaluating the Effects of E-cigarettes vs. Oral Nicotine Pouches and Product Constituents (menthol flavor, nicotine concentration) on Adult Cigarette Smoking and Addiction

Project 4 will model potential regulations of cooling flavors and nicotine concentrations in non-combustible tobacco products (nicotine pouches, e-cigarettes) and examine their impact on adult’s ability to switch from smoking cigarettes to using less harmful, non-combustible products.

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