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Core D – Laboratory and Analytical Core

The goal of the Laboratory Core is to provide objective estimates of exposure to selected tobacco related drugs/compounds, as reflected by their concentrations in blood and other biological fluids. The addition of menthol to cigarettes, and, along with other additives to tobacco/nicotine preparations, may increase the risk of developing nicotine addiction, particularly in some ethnic groups and in adolescents. Optimal interpretation of data from studies of the effects of administering these additives on responses to nicotine requires knowledge of administered drug (e.g. menthol, nicotine) concentrations in body fluids. This information will be provided by the Laboratory Core.

The Analytical Core has the capabilities to identify, characterize, and quantify individual components of a variety of tobacco products, including solid samples such as cigarettes and cigarillos, liquid samples such as e-liquids, as well as smoke/aerosol generated from these products using a smoking/vaping machine. Aligned with the Yale TCORS, a specific focus lies on the presence of a wide variety of flavorants such as menthol or vanillin, and sweeteners such as aspartame in tobacco products, their potential for reactivity, and their delivery to smoke/aerosol. In addition, the analytical core supports Yale TCORS studies that utilize commercial tobacco products and require the characterization and quantification of compounds of interest.