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A major objective of the Yale-SCOR, is to train new investigators who will conduct cutting-edge translational interdisciplinary research with an emphasis on women’s health and tobacco use. Our training/mentoring plan recruits new investigators from multiple entry levels, ranging from undergraduate and graduate students to postdoctoral fellows and junior faculty members, and involves them in research addressing specific questions on sex- and gender-differences in tobacco use and treatment. If you are interested in learning more or inquiring about available positions, please contact

The SCOR mechanism has provided us the opportunity to mentor and train new investigators both at Yale and other universities.

Early Career Faculty and Post-doctoral & Graduate Trainees

Philip H. Smith, PhD, Yale University (Current Institution: Miami University)

Tomoko Udo Schaller, Yale University (Current Institution: SUNY: University at Albany)

Elisa DeVito, PhD, Yale University

Megan Smith, PhD, Yale University

Marci Mitchell, PhD, Yale University

Azure Thompson, PhD, Yale University

Stephen Wilson, PhD, Penn State

Corey Pilver, PhD, Yale University (Current Institution: VA Boston Healthcare System)

Irina Esterlis, PhD, Yale University

Sun Kim, PhD, UMass Medical School

Nancy Byatt, DO, UMass Medical School

Kelly Young-Wolff, PhD, MPH, Yale University (Current Institution: Kaiser Permanente)

Rebecca L Ashare, Yale University (Current Institution: University of Pennsylvania)

Christine Sandiego, PhD, Yale University (Current Institution: Molecular Neuroimaging - MNI)

Kathryn Smith, PhD, Yale University

Terril Verplaetse, PhD, Yale University

Lindsay Oberleitner, PhD, Yale University

Ansel Hillmer, PhD, Yale University

Yasmin Zakinizaeiz, PhD, Yale University

Walter Roberts, PhD, Yale University

MacKenzie Peltier, PhD, Yale University

Yonwoo Jung, PhD, Yale University

Angela Lee, PhD, Yale University

Undergraduate Trainees

Alejandra Morlett (Home Institution: San Diego State University)

Katherine Yanigasawa (Home Institution: Yale University)

Mira Kaufmann (Home Institution: Brown University)

Vladimir Smolgovskiy (Home Institution: University of Connecticut)

Christopher Gaglio (Home Institution: Roger Williams University)