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A major objective of the Yale TCORS is to train new investigators who will conduct translational interdisciplinary research with an emphasis on the basic science underlying nicotine addiction, understanding of the constituents of tobacco and tobacco products, and knowledge of tobacco regulatory processes.

Our training and mentoring plan recruits new investigators from multiple entry levels, ranging from graduate students to postdoctoral fellows and junior faculty members.

If you are interested in learning more, or inquiring about available positions, please contact

Tobacco Regulatory Science Course

An integral component of the training and mentoring plan is the Tobacco Regulatory Science Course that is offered through the Yale School of Public Health. Read more about the course.

Current Trainees

Former Trainees

  • Evan Beach, PhD
  • Deniz Bagdas, DVM, PhD
  • Shrilatha Balakrishna, PhD
  • Iris Balodis, PhD
  • Krysten Bold, PhD
  • John Buckell, PhD
  • Samual Collum, PhD
  • Danielle Davis, PhD
  • Elise DeVito, PhD
  • Tore Eid, MD PHD
  • Hanno C. Erythropel, PhD
  • Shaunacee Howell
  • Lisa Fucito, PhD
  • Sairam Jabba, PhD
  • Asti Jackson, PhD
  • Margaret Mayer, PhD
  • Yann Mineur, PhD
  • Eric Nunes, PhD
  • Bernadette O’Donovan, PhD
  • Alexandra Palmisano, PhD
  • Lavanya Rajesh Kumar, PhD
  • Laura Rupprecht, PhD
  • Isha Sen
  • Patricia Simon, PhD
  • Sakinah Suttiratana, PhD, MPH, MBA
  • Robert Wickham, PhD