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ENACT: End Nicotine Addiction in Children and Teens

Our current study is aimed at tackling the essential task of understanding and reducing e-cigarette use among youth. Our first goal is aimed at both preventing and reducing e-cigarette use among high school students by adapting existing interventions developed by our group to 1) target e-cigarette use specifically and 2) utilize current technology used by high school students. Our second goal is to develop tools to measure e-cigarette withdrawal among high school youth, as withdrawal is an important barrier to quitting, but there is limited understanding of youth e-cigarette withdrawal and how it impacts youth ability to quit. The projects associated with each of these aims is detailed below.

Goal 1: E-Cigarette Cessation

  • Quit Nicotine Program
  • Kick-Nic!©

Goal 2: Understanding E-Cigarette Withdrawal Among Youth

For more information please contact:

Heather LaVallee, LMFT