Lab Based Study for Those Who Vape E-Cigarettes

This study is examining how those who vape will rate different levels of nicotine and flavors in an electronic cigarette.

Participants must be 16-20 years old to participate.

An eligibility appointment will include an interview, brief physical exam and clinical evaluation.

If eligible, you will participate in 3, one hour long lab sessions and 1, two hour lab session, in which you will be given an e-cigarette with different levels of nicotine and menthol to "puff" on. You will be asked to stop vaping (and smoking) twelve hours before each scheduled lab session, and to not vape (or smoke) again until the lab session is completed.

In the first 3 labs, you will take one puff every 30 seconds for 5 minutes, followed by a rest period. This will repeat twice and in between filling out surveys telling us how much you liked or disliked the e-cigarette. In lab 4, you will spend one hour in the smoking room during which time you can relax and take as many puffs as you want from the three e-cigarettes from the first three labs.

At the end of the fourth lab session, you will have an interview with the study doctor where you will discuss similarities between the e-cigarettes you use at home and the e-cigarette you used in the study. The study doctor will also talk to you about the risks associated with vaping and/or smoking.

You will be asked to meet for a follow-up appointment six months after your last lab session.

Participants will receive up to $355 for completing the entire study. The study will provide parking free of charge and will also provide round trip cab transportation if transportation becomes an issue.

For more information

Contact Heather LaVallee or Asti Jackson at:
Phone: 203.605.5803
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