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Tobacco Research in Youth (TRY)

Did you know that:

  • Although the rate of cigarette smoking has declined over the years, about 8% of youth continue to smoke regularly?
  • Of those young people who continue to smoke, 1/3 of them will die prematurely from an illness caused by smoking?
  • Most adolescent smokers want to quit smoking, but quit attempts are more successful with assistance rather than doing it alone?
  • With the decrease in cigarette smoking, the use of alternative tobacco products, such as e-cigarettes, are rising rapidly in our youth?
  • Youth report using e-cigarettes for various reasons, including curiosity, flavors, easy access, and a better alternative to cigarettes?
  • We are uncertain about the long-term health effects of some of these alternative tobacco products and how they will impact the cognitive and physical development of our youth?

The Yale Tobacco Research in Youth (TRY) team has been providing innovative prevention and cessation interventions for smoking since 2004. We are also conducting school-wide surveys on use and perceptions of alternative tobacco products and lab-based research understanding how flavors impact the reinforcing value of e-cigarettes. Over the years, we have received funds from the National Institutes of Health to develop and disseminate more effective school-based tobacco prevention and cessation interventions for youth and to learn more about the addictive potential of alternative tobacco products.

If you are an adolescent, a school official, or a parent who is interested in any of our programs, you can find contact information and other details in the Current Programs section of this website.