Pilot Project Program

Yale-SCOR Pilot Project Program supports promising new research that has the potential to advance women's health and tobacco use by demonstrating direct practical benefit for the treatment of female smokers and the generation of feasibility data for external funding applications.

Pilot Project support will be awarded for studies related to the development of gender-sensitive treatments for smoking especially those that advance women's health regarding tobacco use, represent a new direction in sex- and gender-difference research in tobacco use, and use an interdisciplinary perspective. The Yale-SCOR Pilot Project Program will be run in collaboration with the Women's Health Research at Yale Pilot Project Program.

Dr. Mazure, the Scientific Director of the Yale-SCOR, has directed the Pilot Project Program at Women’s Health Research at Yale for over 14 years. Every year, in response to their Request for Applications, WHRY receives a wide array of research proposals from Yale investigators, many of whom collaborate with scientists across the nation and around the world.

Since its inception in 1998, more than $4.5 million in "seed" money has been awarded and has resulted in more than $52 million in new external grants for further research.

Current Pilot Projects:

We have funded four new pilot projects which add to the synergy of our center and increase our T1-T4 translation.

  • Evan Morris PhD, Associate Professor, Diagnostic Radiology “Gender differences in dynamic dopamine images: A new view of the neurochemistry of smoking”
  • Michael Highly MD PhD, Assistant Professor, Neurobiology “Sex-dependent regulation of synaptic transmission in the prefrontal cortex by chronic exposure to guanfacine”
  • Kelly Cosgrove PhD, Project II PI “Effect of guanfacine on stress-precipitated dopamine release”
  • Yann Mineur PhD, Project I Co-PI “Dissecting the molecular and cellular substrates of guanfacine-induced mood regulation”