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Paraffin Embedding

Photo by Robert A. Lisak

Paraffin sections of demineralized bones, 5μm in thickness, on surface of warm water bath prior to mounting on microscope slides.

Suitable for all soft tissues and for decalcified bone samples. Routine methods provide high quality sections for H&E staining. Special decalcification methods are available for optimal antigen preservation for immunohistochemistry and hand processing paraffin methods have been developed in this laboratory for preservation of Lac-Z and fluorescent cell labeling (GFP, tomato). Note: Demineralization will remove any fluorescent labeling of mineralization fronts in bone.

Preparation Instructions

Place fresh tissue into either 10% neutral buffered formalin at room temperature or 2-4% paraformaldehyde or PLP fixative at a ratio of 20X volume of fixative to tissue sample. Soft tissue should be sliced to the thickness of a nickel (coin) prior to immersion in fixative for optimal penetration of fixative. Fixation in formalin, paraformaldehyde or PLP should not be longer than 24 hours at room temperature to prevent over-fixation and hardening of tissue sample. After fixation, tissue may be washed 2-3 hours in running tap water and held in 70% ethanol at 4˚C until processed. Selection of proper fixative is dependent on staining desired; please contact lab for further information.

Please Note

We strongly recommend that you contact the lab before you start your experiment to consult on the most appropriate preparation to maximize success of your work. Absolutely no tissues previously frozen will be accepted for MMA, GMA or Paraffin processing!