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Why Choose Yale?

Photo by Graham Hebel

The Yale Department of Orthopaedics & Rehabilitation Sports Medicine Fellowship is ACGME-accredited, which means we guarantee the highest possible standards for both institution-wide and program-specific requirements for the training that we provide. Completing an ACGME-accredited fellowship also makes you eligible to obtain a certificate of qualification in Orthopaedic Sports Medicine

As in all areas of medicine, Orthopaedics sports medicine is constantly providing an introspective examination of our medical practice in an effort to improve our efficiency, improve access to care, accelerate healing, decrease recovery time, limit time out of sports and work, and evaluate our treatment outcomes, involving both non-operative and operative cases.

We look to achieve the optimal balance between the benefit of minimally invasive surgery versus the role of non-operative care and rehabilitation to give the patient the best opportunity for maximizing the body’s amazing ability to heal.

We treasure this role, as an expert advisor to the patient, and look to provide them with the most up-to-date medical knowledge, while well aware of our medical knowledge limitations. We strive to empower the patient to make the most educated decision they can for themselves.

Join us.