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Photo by Robert A. Lisak
Changes in bone tissue are assessed histomorphometrically using specialized software and hardware.

Measurement of a wide variety of bone parameters described by Parfitt, et al (see reference). This lab is equipped with two Osteomeasure XP® systems. Complete analysis of bone sections to assess static and dynamic parameters of bone formation (light microscopy and fluorescent microscopy) and protocols for in vivo fluorescent labeling of bone mineralization front are available. Please contact lab for information. Training in use of the Osteomeasure XP® system is also available.

Reference: Parfitt, A.M., Drezner, M.K., Glorieux, F.H., Kanis, J.A., Malluche, H., Meunier, P.J., Ott, S.M. & Recker, R.R. (1987). Bone histomorphometry: standardization of nomenclature, symbols, and units. Report of the ASBMR Histomorphometry Nomenclature Committee. J. Bone Miner. Res. 2, 595-610.

Preparation Instructions

Bone sections must be 5μm in thickness and stained with toluidine blue, Von Kossa or Goldner’s trichrome for light microscopy and analysis of static parameters. Dynamic parameter measurements for bone formation are done on unstained sections, 8 - 10μ in thickness cover-slipped with a UV inert mountant. Slides of fluorescent labeled samples should be kept in the dark to prevent loss of label. Please contact the lab for in vivo fluorescent labeling protocols (eg. calcein, alizarin red, xylenol orange) necessary for analysis of dynamic bone formation parameters.

Please Note

We strongly recommend that you contact the lab before you start your experiment to consult on the most appropriate preparation to maximize success of your work.