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The Southwick Society


Wayne O. Southwick, MD was recruited by the Department of Surgery to lead the Section of Orthopaedic Surgery at Yale in 1958. He held the position of Chief of Orthopaedic Surgery until 1979. During that time, he was a pioneer in developing several surgical techniques and was a vocal advocate for diversity within the specialty of orthopaedics.The Southwick Society was founded in the Fall of 2022 to support continuing advancement of musculoskeletal education for medical students and is taught by the department’s faculty and residents.

Mission Statement

The Southwick Society provides Yale School of Medicine students with mentorship opportunities, clinical education, and tactile exercises to prepare them for a future career in orthopaedic surgery.


Orthopaedics is Awesome & How to Become and Orthopod

A seminar introducing students to the field of orthopaedic surgery, the eight different sub-specialties within orthopaedics, and the surgeons within the Yale Orthopaedic Community. We also provide students with a ten step plan of how to become an orthopaedic surgeon.

Research + Global Health

A seminar presenting the various research projects occurring within the Department of Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation at Yale as well as the global health opportunities.

Bone Healing

An interactive Sawbones experience in which students will first be exposed to the different types of bone healing and fracture fixation and then have a hands-on opportunity to fix some common orthopaedic fractures.

Preparing for your Clinicals and Sub-Internships

A bootcamp-type event in which medical students will be provided information of how to be successful during their rotation and resources to help them prepare for the clinic and operating room. We will then offer a splinting and casting workshop for a hands-on experience.

Residency Application and Interviewing Process

An event in which we review each element of the residency application, choosing sub-internships and residency programs, personal statement advice, as well as interview do’s and don’ts

Other Opportunities

  • Formal Clinical Shadowing Opportunities
  • Peer-to-Peer Mentorship for Incoming Students
  • Internal Documents for Tips/Information for Various Sub-Internship/Residency Programs
  • Participation in Grand Rounds
  • Participation in Conferences and Journal Clubs