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MS in Personalized Medicine & Applied Engineering

Yale School of Medicine and Yale School of Engineering & Applied Science launched a master’s program that melds personalized patient care with engineering. The new Master of Science in Personalized Medicine & Applied Engineering will train the next generation of engineers, computer scientists, and medical professionals alike in using new technologies in 3-dimensional medicine and imaging with the goal of improving patient outcomes. The one-year advanced degree program, which is the first of its kind, began in the summer of 2022. Click here to learn more.

The M.S. Degree in Personalized Medicine & Applied Engineering

The M.S. degree in Personalized Medicine & Applied Engineering provides medical students, biomedical, mechanical, and electrical engineers, and computer science majors with the tools to develop innovative 3D solutions for personalized medicine. Students will learn how to develop and apply 3D technology to address surgical and medical conditions with the goal of personalizing health care treatments to improve clinical outcomes.

Courses are taught by both clinical and ladder faculty from Yale School of Medicine and Yale School of Engineering & Applied Science. Using high-resolution medical imaging, 3D printing, robotics, computer navigation, and extended reality, students will learn to develop truly custom treatments, patient-specific instruments for surgery, and personalized medical devices.

Graduates of the program will be well-positioned to:

- Become leaders in clinical research disciplines focusing on personalized medical treatments, radiological services, and identification of pathology.

- They will be able to run a hospital’s point of care printing services and conduct preoperative surgical planning and custom 3D printed instrument design.

- Develop XR medical education tools.

- Become strong candidates for engineering positions that focus on the development of personalized treatments, the design of custom 3D surgical instruments and guides, custom implant design, tissue engineering, and manufacturing.