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Histology Services

This laboratory provides a wide range of histology services for researchers in academic, pharmaceutical, biotech and government research facilities. We provide the highest quality specialized and routine histological processing and histomorphometric analysis of bone as well as soft tissues. Our specialty is plastic embedding of undemineralized bone tissue and special stains for bone tissue. Consultation is available to investigators on protocol design and methods to optimally prepare tissues for histological analysis.

Pricing & Requesting Service

This process is suitable for undemineralized (undecalcified) bone samples from all species (mammalian, avian, reptilian, amphibian) as well as calcein labeled samples and special applications such as blood vessels with metallic stents.

Ideal for thin sections of soft tissues as well as soft tissues with harder implant biomaterial (PLA, PGA).

Suitable for all soft tissues and for decalcified bone samples. Routine methods provide high quality sections for H&E staining.

Optimal for some immunohistochemical staining protocols, preservation of fluorescent cell markers (GFP, tomato) and lipids in tissues.

Measurement of a wide variety of bone parameters described by Parfitt, et al (see reference). This lab is equipped with two Osteomeasure XP® systems.

Several special stains are performed by this laboratory. Please contact the lab if stains other than those listed here are required. Consultation is available on selection of appropriate staining protocols for research projects.

This laboratory is equipped with two Olympus DP70 digital cameras and Olympus BX40, Olympus SZX7 and Nikon Labophot  microscopes for low power and high power microscopic imaging.