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Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

Grounded in the latest research, our physiatrists are trained experts in Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation (PM&R) who implement evidence-based, non-surgical approaches to alleviate musculoskeletal disorders.

Dedicated to addressing disabilities and physical impairments caused by disease or injury affecting the musculoskeletal and neurological systems, our team engages in rigorous study and application of the latest advancements in technology and medical practice. By crafting individualized treatment strategies, our research-informed clinicians aim to enhance function and improve the quality of life for a variety of patients. Those in our care range from children to adults and include individuals with stroke, spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury, sports related injuries, chronic wounds, and musculoskeletal pain or injury.

Our physiatrists offer comprehensive, holistic care plans that works in partnership with many specialties both within and beyond orthopaedics to restore function, maximize independence, and address each individual's physical, emotional, neurological, medical, vocational, and social needs.

Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Faculty

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