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Orthopædic Histology and Histomorphometry Laboratory

The Orthopædic Histology and Histomorphometry Laboratory provides histological preparations of both soft and hard tissues including undemineralized bone to the research community. Processing of bone requires specialized plastic embedding techniques utilizing either methylmethacrylate or glycolmethacrylate methods, which are done on site to assure quality. This laboratory is a full service histology facility that also provides routine paraffin processing of soft tissues and decalcified bone and frozen sectioning (cryotomy).

A wide array of special stains for bone such as the Von Kossa, tartrate-resistant acid phosphatase (TRAP), alkaline phosphatase, Gomori trichrome, safranin O and toluidine blue stains are performed on a routine basis. Consultation is available to assist the investigator on experimental design, specimen preparation, fixation and choice of special stains tailored to the needs of specific research projects. Quantitative bone histomorphometry services are available utilizing the Osteomeasure® analysis system.

This laboratory is a fully equipped histology facility utilizing state of the art tissue processors as well as specialized microtomes, cryostats and knives designed to section hard tissues from an array of species and applications. High resolution digital photography of specimens is available for light and fluorescent microscopy.

For more information, contact Jackie Fretz