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3D Collaborative for Medical Innovation (3DC)

Patient specific surgical planning of flatfoot reconstruction. Size and volume analysis of opening wedge correction after heel slide osteotomy.

The 3D Collaborative for Medical Innovation (3DC) provides engineering and 3D printing services to Yale researchers. While the 3DC specializes in projects based on medical imaging data, we can support other projects as available. Engineering services include medical imaging data segmentation, the creation and/or modification of digital anatomical models, 3D analysis of digital anatomical models, computer aided design (CAD) of medical devices and/or test devices, preparation and/or deployment of 3D digital models into extended reality, or other similar tasks.

The 3DC offers 3D printing of digital files using stereolithography, a resin-based printing technology. The 3DC can modify and optimize your files for 3D printing. Engineering and biocompatible materials are available.