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Rummana Aslam, MBBS

Assistant Professor of Clinical Orthopaedics; Director, Wound Care; Affiliated Faculty, Yale Institute for Global Health; Program Director Wound Medicine Fellowship, Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation; Chief, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation; Program Director Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Residency Program, General Orthopaedics

Contact Information

Rummana Aslam, MBBS

Mailing Addresses

  • Orthopaedics & Rehabilitation

    47 College Street

    New haven, Connecticut 06520

    United States

  • Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

    40 Boston Post Road

    Waterford, CT 06385

    United States



Rummana Aslam, MD, a physiatrist (a specialist in physical medicine and rehabilitation), became interested in her field based on her concern for what happens to patients’ function and quality of life after a serious injury or disease.

Her goal, Dr. Aslam explains, is to help patients get back to the life they had before experiencing a severe illness, surgery, or trauma. As chief of Yale Medicine Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation (PM&R), she takes care of patients with back pain, joint pain, sports injuries, spinal cord injuries, amputees, as well as those recovering from a stroke and traumatic brain injuries (TBI).

Within PM&R, she is board-certified in brain injury medicine, which means she helps patients with TBIs, including concussions. “Often, these patients have multiple traumas, are treated in the hospital, and return home. However, they continue to suffer from the long-term effects of brain injury, which affects their normal, day-to-day functioning,” Dr. Aslam explains. “For example, you can have someone who looks and talks fine, but when it comes to higher-level functioning, her brain is still healing and isn’t at that pre-injury level. She needs a physiatrist who specializes in brain medicine to guide her long-term recovery and get her to where she was in her personal and professional life.”

Dr. Aslam is a leading wound care physician and scientist recognized nationally and internationally. As medical director of Yale New Haven Health’s Lawrence + Memorial Wound Care and Hyperbaric Medicine Dr. Aslam also helps patients with chronic wounds no matter what the underlying reason is and of all ages. These patients include diabetics who are at risk of amputation and people with leg ulcers, which can be caused by years of smoking or poor circulation.

“I want to help patients improve function. They may have to live with a chronic wound for a long time. Instead of ending up disabled and staying home, my job is to keep them working and healthy and fit while they are healing,” she says. “Overall, with all of my patients, my goal is to improve their function so they can feel and be well, and enjoy healthy, productive lives.”

Education & Training

  • Resident
    Sinai Hospital of Baltimore (2012)
  • Resident
    Sinai Hospital of Baltimore (2009)
  • Fellow
    Johns Hopkins School of Medicine (2008)
  • Postdoctoral Research Fellow Academic training in Trauma and Burns/Wound Healing
    University of California San Francisco (2006)
  • Prelim Resident
    University of California San Francisco (2002)
  • Registrar
    Holy Family Hospital (1987)
  • Resident
    Holy Family Hospital (1986)
  • MBBS
    Rawalpindi Medical College, Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (1986)


  • Epithelization
    Speaker In a Live National/International Educational Webinar arranged by the Wound Healing Society Education Cmmittee 2022
  • Developing a wound care fellowship
    Detroit, United States 2019
  • Advances in Wound Medicine and Surgery
    Barnstable, United States 2019
  • Prevention of pressure ulcers: Tools for risk reduction
    Atlanta, United States 2018
  • Session Director/Speaker on Basic Chronic Wound Care Skills
    Denver, United States 2017
  • The Revolution in Chronic Wound Care: What We Did and What We Do Now
    Denver, United States 2017
  • Evidence Based Management of Lower Extremity Ulcers
    Hackensack, United States 2017
  • The Biological and Regenerative Effects of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy
    Washington, United States 2017
  • Reviving an ancient wound treatment
    Florence, Italy 2016
  • The wound patient. Multidisciplinary Care
    Hackensack, United States 2016
  • Choosing the optimal dressing
    Hackensack, United States 2016
  • Diagnosis of Vascular Ulcers
    Hackensack, United States 2016
  • Management of Vascular Ulcers
    Hackensack, United States 2016
  • Atypical Chronic Wounds
    Hackensack, United States 2016
  • If its not cancer it should heal
    Atlanta, United States 2016
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    Atlanta, United States 2016
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    Atlanta, United States 2016
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    Atlanta, United States 2016
  • Rehabilitation of severe bilateral leg lymphedema
    Sacramento, United States 2016
  • Staged debridement and grafting in radiation ulcer
    San Antonio, United States 2015
  • Reviving-A spoonful of sugar for healing chronic wounds
    Orlando, United States 2014
  • Implementing of wound care guidelines
    Orlando, United States 2014
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    Orlando, United States 2014
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    Hackensack, United States 2014
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    Hackensack, United States 2013
  • Venous Leg Ulcers
    Hackensack, United States 2013
  • Diabetic Foot Ulcers
    Hackensack, United States 2013
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    Islamabad, Pakistan 2013
  • Wound Healing and Wound Rehabilitation
    Hackensack, United States 2012
  • Wound Patient and Wound Rehabilitation
    West Orange, United States 2012
  • Skin Sustainability: Maintaining the Health of Skin by Integrating Inter-disciplinary Coordination and Cooperation.
    Atlanta, United States 2012
  • Rehabilitation of the patient with chronic wounds
    Orlando, United States 2010
  • Oxygen: The best "dressing" for a wound
    San Rafael, United States 2007
  • Pressure Ulcers
    Scottsdale, United States 2006
  • Venous Ulcers
    Scottsdale, United States 2006
  • Neovascularization induced by lactate may involve stem cell homing
    Scottsdale, United States 2006
  • Guidelines for treatment of pressure ulcers
    Bethesda, United States 2005
  • Guidelines for the treatment of venous ulcers
    Bethesda, United States 2005
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    San Francisco, United States 2005
  • Lactate, oxygen and angiogenesis
    San Francisco, United States 2005
  • High Lactate in wounds may initiate vasculogenesis via stem cell homing
    Stuttgart, Germany 2005
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    Chicago, United States 2005
  • Lactate controls vascular development in wound healing
    New Orleans, United States 2004
  • Lactate controls vascular development in wound healing
    Paris, France 2004
  • Lactate controls vascular development in wound healing
    Atlanta, United States 2004
  • Lactate induces vascular development
    St. Louis, United States 2004
  • Oxygen and Wound Healing
    San Francisco, United States 2003

Honors & Recognition

AwardAwarding OrganizationDate
Innovators Award New Jersey Inventors Hall of FameNew Jersey Hall of Fame2016
Arnold P Gold Foundation Gold Doc:Arnold P Gold Foundation2015
Excellence in Teaching AwardHaile T. Debas Academy of Medical Educators University of California San Francisco2006
Young Investigator Research AwardWound Healing Society2006

Professional Service

YNHHCredentials Committee2022 - Present
Yale School of Medicine Dept of Orthopaedics and RehabilitationCompensation Committee2022 - Present
YNHHSYNHHS Wound Executive Committee2022 - Present
Wound Healing SocietyBoard of Directors2022 - Present
Lawrence and Memorial HospitalTBI support group - monthly2022 - Present
YaleVolunteer vaccinator for Covid Vaccine2021
YalePhysician participating in Family Connect Program during Covid Pandemic2021
Yale UniversityThe ITS Advisory Committee is responsible for providing advice on university-wide IT policy and service issues. This committee meets regularly to provide advice to the Provost, the Vice President for Finance and Business Operations, and the CIO on Yale's information technology policies, strategies, priorities, and services in support of faculty and students2021 - Present
YaleYale Inpatient Rehabilitation Physician Advisory Committee2021 - Present
YaleNeurosciences Multidisciplinary Case Conference monthly meetings2021 - Present
American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation- Wound CommunityChair Wound Community2021 - Present
Wound Care Advisory Board, The Wound Care Leads- Epic Implementation ServicesBoard Member2020 - 2021
Wound Healing Society - Education CommitteeChair2018 - 2022
Spaulding Rehabilitation HospitalHealthy Living Series Community Lectures2018 - 2019
Spaulding Rehabilitation HospitalSpeaker - Stroke Survivors Group2018
Cape Coders of MATopic - "Acute Inpatient Rehabilitation"2018
East Side Neighborhood Association- Paterson, NJNon-profit organization to preserve and protect the Paterson Historic Eastside Mansions Organize and participate in Historic House Tours for the public2015 - Present
American Board of Wound Medicine and SurgeryBoard Member2014 - Present
American Board of Wound Medicine and Surgery - Commission on Wound Care Fellowship Program DirectorsChair2014 - Present
Wound Repair and RegenerationReviewer2012 - Present
Sobrato High School CAElected Member School Site Council2004 - 2006

Departments & Organizations