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User Guide & Table of Contents

User Guide

Our curriculum uses case-based modules on common women’s health topics. Each module can be used as a guide for small group discussions, large group discussions, self-study, or a resource at the point of care.

Trainees and faculty can review the primary references for each module prior to each learning session. Faculty review the "answer key" in the moderator's version, which includes explanations to the clinical questions posed, and reinforce key learning points. This structure encourages discussion of the various clinical scenarios at the time of the learning session.

The questions are written in a format based on the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) Milestones, allowing for learners to demonstrate progression from basic to more advanced medical decision-making. Questions or comments about the curriculum in general should be sent or

Table of Contents

  1. Abnormal Uterine Bleeding - Jennifer Cate MD, Linda Fan MD, and Shefali Pathy MD MPH
  2. Aneuploidy Screening - Elizabeth Ackley MD, and Julia Cron MD
  3. Contraception - Elizabeth Gromet MD, and Abigail Cutler MD MPH
  4. Early Pregnancy Loss - Emily Webster MD, and Julia Cron MD
  5. Infertility - Eric Han MD, Elizabeth Ackley MD, and Alexander Kotlyar, MD
  6. Pelvic Floor Disorders - Feven Getaneh, MD and Oz Harmanli, MD
  7. Sexual Transmitted Infections - Victoria Wesevich MD, and Christina Ackerman, MD
  8. Vaginitis - Lauren Meiss, MD and Sarah Baxley, MD

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