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DEI Grand Rounds

DEI Grand Rounds recordings

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Past DEI Grand Rounds


Date Title Speaker
09/28/2023 Breastfeeding Disparities in New Haven Natasha Ray, MS and Tomeka Frieson, MPH
10/26/2023 Racial Differences in Early Diagnosis of Uterine Cancer: Barriers and Opportunities Dr. Xiao Xu
11/16/2023 Equity Research in Cervical Cancer Prevention and Screening Dr. Lindsay Kuroki
12/21/2023 The Experience of Black Women in Maternal Health Dr. Lucinda Canty
01/18/2024 Health Justice: What Are We Trying To Achieve” Dr. Joseph “Adrian” Tyndall (recorded MLK Diversity Lectureship)
02/15/2024 Multi-Level Barriers to Postpartum Permanent Contraception Dr. Kavita Arora
3/14/2024 Racial and Health: Organizational Steps for Health Systems Translating Your Commitment toRacial and Health Equity Action in Your Health System Dr. Natalie Achong

2022-2023 Academic Year

Date Title Speaker
9/8/2022 Diverse Recruitment and Retention Dr. Michael Thomas
10/13/2022 Advancing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion within Health Care: Departmental and Health System Approaches Dr. Sangini Sheth
Dr. Lou Hart
11/17/2022 Diversity in Gynecologic Oncology Clinical Trials Dr. Bhavana Pothuri
12/22/2022 Healing ARC: Addressing Hospital Inequities with a Race-Conscious Approach Dr. Bram Wispelwey
01/19/2023 Physician Trust in an Age of Misinformation Dr. Jennifer Villaviciencio
02/16/2023 Obstetric Patient Navigation: Addressing social determinants to promote perinatal health equity Dr. Lynn Yee
03/16/2023 Real Life Health Equity: Adapting the CREOG Health Equity Curriculum to Better Serve Your Patient Population

Dr. Marian Acevdeo-Alvarez

4/20/2023 Towards a new standard of care: Medical, legal an ethical considerations of urine drug testing in pregnancy Dr. Erica Holland
5/18/2023 Bias in the Mirror: Breaking Bias without Breaking Ourselves Dr. Javeed Sukhera

2021-2022 Academic Year

Date Title Speaker
9/2/2021 "Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Yale OBGYN: Updates and Future Directions" Valerie Flores, MD Oluwatosin Adeyemo, MD, MPH Sangini Sheth, MD, MPH Lubna Pal, MBBS DEI Task Force Leads
10/22/2021 "Implicit Bias" Darin Latimore, MD
11/18/2021 Microaggression Training Dr. Darin Latimore
12/21/2021 Bystander Training Dr. Gregory Townsend
01/20/2022 Social Determinants on Health with a Special Focus on Women’s Health Dr. Mary-Ann Etiebet
2/10/2022 Trauma-informed Care Dr. Lauren Owens Dr. Courtney Townsel
3/24/2022 Equity and justice in sexual & reproductive healthcare provision Dr. Diana Carvajal
4/28/2022 Racism, Disparities and Bias: Seeking to understand Root Causes and Solutions Dr. Eve Higginbotham (recorded MLK Diversity Lectureship)
5/26/2022 Breastfeeding and Health Inequities in the USA Dr. Rafael Perez-Escamilla

2020-2021 Academic Year

Date Title Speaker
5/27/2021 "Practical Considerations & Applications of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in the Reproductive Health Space" Cindy Duke, MD, PHD, FACOG Medical and Laboratory Director, Nevada Fertility Institute Clinical Assistant Professor, University of Nevada, Las Vegas School of Medicine
4/22/2021 "Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Ob/Gyn" Okeoma Mmeje, MD, MPH Assistant Professor; Implementation Lead for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion University of Michigan Medical School
3/25/2021 "Growing on (In)Fertile Ground: Multidimensional Barriers & Facilitators Influencing Black Women to Seek, Initiate and Complete Treatment for Infertility" Morine Cebert Gaitors, PhD, FNP-C National Clinician Scholars Program Post-Doctoral Fellow The University of Pennsylvania's Perelman School of Medicine
2/25/2021 "Addressing Health Disparities Experienced by African American Women" Monique Rainford, MD Chief, Ob/Gyn Yale Health
1/28/2021 "Yale Psychiatry Social Justice and Health Equity Curriculum - An Educational Intervention to Address Health Disparities and Promote Health Equity" Flavia DeSouza, MD, MHS Assistant Professor, Dept of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at Howard University Clinical Instructor in Psychiatry, Dept of Psychiatry at YSM
12/17/2020 "Where Health Disparities Intersect with HIV Prevention for Women" Jaimie Meyer, MD, MS, FACP Associate Professor, Yale AIDS Program Clinical Assistant Professor, Yale School of Nursing
11/19/2020 "Developing Accountability Pathways for Reporting and Responding to Discrimination" Marietta Vazquez, MD, Professor, Pediatrics Adam Berkwitt, MD, Assistant Professor, Pediatrics Channelle Carr, MD, Resident, Pediatrics
10/22/2020 "Listening to Our Patients" Valerie Flores, MD Oluwatosin Adeyemo, MD, MPH Sangini Sheth, MD, MPH DEI Task Force Leads
9/24/2020 Introduction to Yale Ob/Gyn DEI Task Forces Valerie Flores, MD Oluwatosin Adeyemo, MD, MPH Sangini Sheth, MD, MPH DEI Task Force Leads