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LGBTQI+ and Diversity Groups at Yale

  • Diversity Groups

    University Office for Equal Opportunity Programs

    Any student, employee, or applicant for programs or employment at Yale University who is concerned about affirmative action, equal opportunity, sexual harassment, racial harassment, or fairness in admissions or employment at Yale, either in a general sense or with respect to his or her own situation, is encouraged to contact the Office for Equal Opportunity Programs.

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    University Office of Diversity and Inclusion

    The Yale University Office of Diversity and Inclusion collaborates with departments and individuals across the campus to promote harmonious and accessible work environments that are both respectful and inclusive of people from various backgrounds and experiences.

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    Office for Graduate Student Development and Diversity

    OGSDD was established with the knowledge that diversity among graduate students enhances the life of the entire scholarly community at Yale. This office provides both thematic programming and individual advising for students across the disciplines as they move through their degree programs at Yale; this in turn creates a supportive community as well as essential opportunities for academic growth.

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    DiversAbility at Yale

    The DiversAbility at Yale (DAY) Affinity Group creates an environment that is open and inclusive for all individuals impacted by disability through engagement, education, and advocacy. The group also focuses on ways to support the recruitment, retention and advancement of people with disabilities.

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    Yale Veterans Network

    The vision of the Yale Veterans Network (YVN) is to make Yale University the employer of choice for veterans, reservists, and guardsmen while creating a Yale community of veterans, veteran leaders, and allies.

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    Asian Network at Yale

    ANY’s mission is to connect, inspire, and empower the community of Asian Heritage professionals, supporting Yale’s ability to excel in an increasingly complex, competitive and diverse world.

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    Yale Latino Networking Group

    The Yale Latino Networking Group (YLNG) seeks to promote a community of interest among Latino staff members, and to promote an inclusive and empowering work environment for all Yale employees. We strive to build a support network for Latino staff at all levels, and to strengthen our professional and social relationships between Latino employees, the university, and the outside community.

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    Yale African American Affinity Group

    YAAA strives to provide opportunities for staff to engage, build community and make connections at Yale and the broader New Haven community.

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    Working Women’s Network

    The mission of WWN is to provide programs and resources to Yale University’s women employees, and champion the exploration and pursuit of personal and professional goals in order to enhance their individual success while also furthering the advancement of the university.

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  • LGBTQI+ Groups

    Office of LGBTQ Resources

    The Office of LGBTQ Resources can help you connect to others in the community and learn about Yale's LGBTQ social, cultural and academic programs and events.

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    Yale University LGBTQ Affinity Group

    The Yale LGBTQ Affinity Group is for Yale staff, faculty, and postdocs. They work toward fostering a more welcoming and respectful campus for members of the LGBTQ community and their allies.

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    OSTEM at Yale University

    OSTEM.grad at Yale seeks to serve the needs of the diverse community of scientists on campus. Through community building events, educational initiatives, and mentorship connections, OSTEM.grad hopes to advocate for and address the needs of LGBTQ+ students, staff, and faculty in the STEM fields at Yale.

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    Queer People of Color Affinity Group

    QPOC Affinity seeks to provide safe spaces for queer people of color to hang out, enjoy each other’s excellence, learn from one another, and collectively build community.

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    Yale AIDS Memorial Project

    The Yale AIDS Memorial Project (is an alumni-led ini­tia­tive to honor and document the lives of hundreds of men and women from the University who perished during the AIDS epidemic.

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  • Medical Diversity Groups

    Yale Cancer Center Office of Diversity and Health Equity

    Yale Cancer Center is committed to promoting diversity, eliminating disparities, and embracing health equity through research, education, and clinical care.

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    School of Nursing Office of Diversity

    The goal of the Office of Diversity and Inclusion at YSN is to actively enhance diversity through evidence-based methods of recruitment, career development, and retention focused primarily on faculty but also on staff and our student body to better reflect our mission.

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    Minority Organization for Retention & Expansion (MORE)

    Fostering an environment at the Yale School of Medicine that is welcoming to all is vital to successfully recruit outstanding minority faculty members. Likewise, ensuring that minority faculty, once recruited, have the resources and mentoring needed to be successful is critical for improving retention. Thus, MORE seeks to support both the recruitment and retention of minority faculty through a variety of events and venues.

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    Committee on the Status of Women in Medicine (SWIM)

    SWIM was founded in 1979 to address issues related to gender equality at the Yale School of Medicine, and works to raise awareness of issues relevant to women who are faculty, and to advocate for them. SWIM welcomes participation from all interested faculty members of the medical school.

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