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Yale School of Public Health

Course Offerings

SBS 570b, LGBT Population Health

This course engages students in critically examining today’s rapidly expanding empirical knowledge regarding sexual and gender minority health. Students consider social and ecological influences on sexual and gender minority health, including migration, community, and neighborhood influences.

SBS 585a/GLBL 529a/LAW 20568, Sexuality, Gender, Health, and Human Rights

This course explores the application of human rights perspectives and practices to issues in regard to sexuality and health. The overall goal is twofold: to engage students in the world of global sexual health and rights policy making as a field of social justice and public health action; and to introduce them to conceptual tools that can inform advocacy and policy formation and evaluation.

CDE 573, Social and Cultural Factors of Mental Health

This course provides an introduction to mental health and illness with a focus on the complex interplay between risk and protective factors and social and cultural influences on mental health status. One lecture in this course focuses specifically on mental health in sexual and gender minority populations.

CDE 581a, Stigma and Health

This course engages students in conceptualizing stigma as a fundamental cause of adverse health. Sexual and gender minority populations represent some of the stigmatized groups examined in this course.

SBS 583, Sexual and Reproductive Health

In this course, students critically examine current issues, challenges, and strategies to improve sexual and reproductive health in the United States as well as in a global context. In addition to discussing these topics in the context of sexual and gender minority populations, the course includes one lecture devoted entirely to trans health.

EPH 507, Social Justice and Health Equity

The course explores conceptual, theoretical, methodological, and empirical approaches to understanding social justice and health equity. One week of the course focuses on identity, stigma, and health, with particular attention paid to sexual and gender minorities.