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Yale School of Medicine is proud of its novel, integrated LGBTQI+ health sequence in the pre-clinical and clinical curricula. This sequence is largely grounded in the Association of American Medical Colleges' guidelines on suggested medical student competencies in LGBTQI+ health.

The curriculum map under Undergraduate Medical Education summarizes LGBTQI+ learning activities in the YSM curriculum. This map includes learning activities that are related to LGBTQI+-health topics (e.g. implicit bias), but may not directly address LGBTQI+-specific issues. This map features learning activities that have been in the curriculum for some time, learning activities that have been enhanced based on the AAMC competencies, and learning activities added to the curriculum to foster AAMC competencies among YSM students.

If you are interested in participating or developing additional learning activities, contact us to get involved with our Curriculum Development.

The medical school abides by Yale University’s Equal Opportunity Statement, which is as follows:

  • Yale University is committed to basing judgments concerning the admission, education and employment of individuals on their qualifications and abilities and affirmatively seeks to attract to its faculty, staff, and student body qualified persons of diverse backgrounds.
  • In accordance with this policy and as delineated by federal and Connecticut law, Yale does not discriminate in admissions, educational programs, or employment against any individual on account of sex, race, color, religion, age, disability, status as a special disabled veteran or veteran of the Vietnam era, or national or ethnic origin; nor does Yale discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation.
  • University policy is committed to affirmative action under law in employment of women, minority group members, individuals with disabilities, special disabled veterans, and veterans of the Vietnam era.

Curriculum Development

If you are interested in developing, implementing and/or participating in undergraduate medical education at Yale on sexual and gender minority topics, please reach out to one or more of the following contacts:

John Encandela, PhD
Associate Director for Curriculum and Educator Assessment, Yale School of Medicine Teaching and Learning Center
Co-Leader, LGBTQI+ Curriculum Working Group

Michael Schwartz, PhD
Associate Dean for Curriculum, Yale University School of Medicine