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Physician Assistant Online Program

Course Offerings

Didactic Year:

Term 1

  • Patient Assessment 1: Sexual history taking among SGM patients, 25 minutes
  • Diagnostic Studies: SGM inclusive (multi-site) STI screenings, 50 minutes
  • Behavioral Medicine: SGM inclusive sexual health, 30 minutes

Term 2

Patient Assessment 2
  • Pulmonary: Binding in transmasculine patients, 56 minutes
  • Musculoskeletal/Peds: Bone effects of pubertal suppression, 40 minutes
  • Geriatrics: Implicit association testing related to age, racial, sexual and gender diversity, 12 minutes
  • Psychiatry: Gender incongruence and patient assessment, 23 minutes

Term 3

Virtual Inter-Professional Experience (VIPE) Case

Identifying abuse in an 18yo transgender women of color. This event includes over 200 students of various health professional programs from GWU, USC, NYU, etc in counseling, physical therapy, psychology and other professions in addition to PAO students. 2.5 hours

Please note that Didactic Year options listed above are only open to PAO students

Clinical year

Sexual and Gender Minority (SGM) Health Elective

10 hours of virtual SGM health didactic content that emphasizes SOGIE, anorectal health, HIV prevention technologies, pubertal suppression, hormone therapy and gender affirming procedures, as well as advanced cases in SGM health. 4 weeks